WI-FI Solutions

Our rock solid network solutions provide reliable and lightning-fast speeds anywhere, indoor or out.

Our rock solid network solutions provide reliable and lightning-fast speeds anywhere, indoor or out.

Sound & Vision has been designing and installing high performance Wi-Fi networks for more than a decade. Today's airwaves are saturated with radio frequncies that can render Wi-Fi virtually useless. But not to worry Sound & Vision has a solution for lighting fast speeds that are also cost effective. Please contact us and a Sound & Vision expert can give you the 100 Ft view as well as answer any questions. We can talk over the phone or better yet meet at your home or office. We understand that your time is valuable and are available anytime that's convenient for you. This includes nights and weekends.

Wireless connectivity has forever transformed and enhanced our lives.  It’s also been at the center of great interest on what if any long-term effects there will be. While we’re certainly not an expert on the subject the information we have collected over the years raises some interesting facts.

Ruckus Wireless | Why do we choose them as our trusted Wi-fi partner?

In short; Because they’re the freaking best!  Haven’t you heard?  Ruckus Wireless, the relatively new kid on the block, is shaming every other manufacturer with their lightning fast wireless networks.  We used to exclusively sell the number one “recognized” enterprise brand in wireless until we came upon this amazing company.  Since then we started selling both until we realized that there is no point in charging extra just for a name when Ruckus outdoes everybody anyway!  Besides, in just a short time Ruckus has created quite a name for itself and is STILL making strides to take over the industry altogether.

Check out the quick videos below  highlighting the amazing Ruckus Wireless technology.  The 2nd video is pretty geeky but shows us why conventional Wi-Fi just doesn't cut it.

Stronger Signal is Better

The device you're using-iPhone, iPad, laptop etc. provides a significantly higher level of exposure than a Wi-Fi access point. More importantly is that when these devices receive a low signal they turn-up their internal radios to maintain a connection resulting in even greater exposure. A good indication of this condition is when you experience abnormally poor battery life and/or your device gets hot.  These are signs that the internal radio is at max output. Many believe that a stronger signal is the best way to reduce exposure.

Reduce Exposure

While the effects continue to be explored we feel there is no downside to reducing exposure. With this in mind we have engineered a solution that turns off your Wi-Fi in key areas such as bedrooms or 100% when connectivity is not needed. You simply tell us the time you would like the system to shut down and turn back on. It’s that easy.