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Elevating Designs with Seamless Smart Technology Integration

Elevating Designs with Seamless Smart Technology Integration

As an interior designer, architect, or custom builder, stay ahead of the curve by partnering with Sound & Vision. We have decades of experience bridging the gap between technology and design, ensuring projects are both smart and beautiful.

Bridging Design and Technology

Empower Your Designs with Smart Solutions

Today’s homeowners desire interiors that blend aesthetics with comfort and convenience. Technology is no longer an afterthought; it is highly integrated into our lives and is therefore a vital component of luxury properties. Our team of experienced home technology professionals can seamlessly integrate smart solutions into your design concepts.

Partnering for Success

Partnering for Success

Collaborate with Sound & Vision for Integrated Smart Projects

Interior Designers:

  • Blend convenience and style with smart technology.
  • Motorized shading, elegant wall controls, hidden TVs – bespoke solutions tailored to your client’s desires.
  • Project managers ensure seamless integration with your design.


  • Collaborate early for simplified technology integration.
  • Detailed system schematics, wiring plans, rack elevations – ensure smart home features align with architectural designs.

Custom Builders:

  • Plan and build the infrastructure for the latest smart home features.
  • Beyond standard wiring packages, integrate lighting, automated window treatments, and dedicated home theaters from the start.
Sophisticated Solutions

Sophisticated Solutions

Mastering the Art of Integration

Differentiate Your Creations:

  • Impress your clientele with custom-tailored solutions.
  • Stand out by seamlessly integrating the latest technologies into your carefully curated designs.


  • Plan and organize electrical, networking, and infrastructure for optimal placement.\
  • Ensure a clean and integrated implementation of lights, audio/video, security, and more.

Lighting and Shading:

  • Enhance rooms with state-of-the-art lighting solutions and motorized window treatments.
  • Choose from a wide variety of fixtures, controls, styles, and materials.
  • Reimagine home control with stylish, multi-functional wall keypads.

Distributed Audio Video:

  • Create sleek, high-performance entertainment solutions.
  • Concealed TVs, projection screens, and built-in speakers can be revealed only when necessary or desired.
  • Centralize entertainment components in hidden closets and equipment rooms.

Security and Surveillance:

  • Robust yet unobtrusive security system installation.
  • Strategically placed cameras for peace of mind without compromising interior or exterior design.

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Enjoy the perfect blend of technology and comfort, tailored to your lifestyle.


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