Summer A/V Trade-in, Trade-up, and Save! 2017

For a limited time, we'll take anything in on trade towards the purchase of anything new! That's right anything! Now is the time to upgrade to the latest and greatest technology. This offer absolutely ends July 31st.

How? Simply respond to this email, contact us, we'll look up your current system or meet you at your home or office and review the possible options. Then our team will put together a design for your review. Commit before July 31st @ 5:00 p.m. and you are in!

Precise contrast, absolute blacks

True reality comes to life with deep black and natural color. Over 8 million self-illuminating pixels are precisely and individually controlled by the X1 Extreme processor. Sony's OLED TV creates exquisite, unprecedented contrast. Micro bezel frames mean you can get a much bigger picture in the same space as your old TV.

Home theater hits the big time.

See how our premium SXRD projectors are taking the home viewing experience to new levels.
More affordable than ever, starting at just under $8,000

Feel Every Dimension

Sound moves around you in three-dimensional space, so you feel like you're inside the action. Update your home theater to experience how Dolby Atmos transports you from the ordinary into the extraordinary.

Lighting Fast Wi-Fi

Check out the video above to understand why consumer grade equipment just won't cut it


Purchase one of our outdoor audio systems before July 4th and save
Now's your chance to save. This is our biggest sale ever on outdoor audio

Speakers blend into your landscaping. The mushroom looking thing is an inground subwoofer!

Speakers blend into your landscaping. The mushroom looking thing is an inground subwoofer!

Want the system installed before the 4th?
Commit before 6/29 and we'll make it happen.


Simply reply to this email or contact us today for on-site quote. 
To insure we get to everyone before the deadline we'll be available nights & weekends. Let us know what works for you and we'll be there.

Want to hear what the system sounds like at your home?
We have a portable system we'll set up for a live demo.
This is one of those things that you really have to hear to believe.

Our experience has shown,  time and time again,  that having easy access to high-quality music guarantees that the entire family will spend more time outdoors.  New and exciting options allow us to provide even coverage of music that flows effortlessly no matter the size of the space. While performance is always important, we know that our first step is working to preserve design. With this in mind, our outdoor audio systems are completely concealed in your landscaping. We accomplish this by using multiple small speakers for the highs and an in-ground speaker for bass. Perfect for commercial spaces too.

* The fine print: this is a limited offer that expires on 7/3/2017, prices do not include cables, installation or tax, offer does not apply to prior purchases.

New construction or remodeling project?  Here are our top technology tips!

Careful planning from the beginning of the design process produces excellent results. 

Download our Home Technology Guide

Download our Home Technology Guide

Choose wisely. There are quite a few decisions to be made when building a new home or undergoing a renovation. A quality integrator with experience and a history of excellence will provide guidance for all your technology decisions.  It is important to hire the best. 

A cohesive design of the entire system ensures that expectations are achieved and the entire process progresses smoothly.  Also, there are some decisions that must be finalized at the start of the process.  For instance, consolidating a bank of lighting switches down to one intuitive keypad requires early coordination with the architect, contractor, and electrician.   However, having a plan does not mean every selection needs to be finalized on day one.  Some selections can be deferred to later in the project.  As an example, you determine the layout of your master bathroom during the design phase but can select finishes and particulars at a later time. More

Your Wi-fi network should not be an after-thought.  A well-designed, fast, reliable Wi-fi network is an important part of your home’s infrastructure and will provide the solid backbone every home needs. More

Plan ahead for in-ceiling/wall speakers and in-wall touchpanels.  Speakers are now able to blend seamlessly into any design and deliver truly stunning performance.  At the design stage, you only need to determine locations.   We can provide pre-construction rings and, even, grills to allow construction to continue while final selections are made.  The same applies to in-wall touchpanels.  We recommend installing at least one in-wall touchpanel per floor to ensure quick access to home control.  iPads and iPhones definitely compliment the dedicated touchpanels & remotes but should not be relied upon for primary control. More

Don't forget to check out our Outdoor Entertainment systems.  

Don't forget to check out our Outdoor Entertainment systems.  

Top Technology Myths Busted!

Today I'd like to cover some of the top myths in technology for homes.


If you can operate a smartphone, home automation gadgets were made for you! Years ago, the most advanced products were not quite as easy to use as they should have been. This left some people feeling as if they got in over their heads.  Today, technology has evolved and the interfaces for automation are as effortless to operate as the other items we use in our everyday lives.  Home automation is intuitive and simple to use, will save you time, and ultimately money!

Myth # 2 It’s just background music, speakers are not important.

Out of all the things that may change in your home over the years, in-wall and in-ceiling speakers tend to stay forever.  Selecting the best speaker for your application can make the difference in your home’s system and why choosing something you will be happy with is so important. 

modern high-performance in-ceiling speaker with a bezeless grill 

I have often heard "I can't tell the difference" when making selections. Speaker technology is an area that has recently seen significant advancements in performance and aesthetics.  The sound improvement is notable, particularly when back boxes are installed.  Also, gone are the days of large bezels.  Today’s speakers now have bezeless designs that virtually disappear once installed.  The difference in cost between average speakers and excellent speakers is insignificant when considering these improvements. 


With all the streaming options available, music is more accessible than ever and selecting the best possible speakers is important.

Myth #3:  Everything should be wireless.

As you begin your new construction or remodeling project, you will be deciding which aspects of your home should be wireless.  While wireless is perfect for certain applications and has certainly become more common in recent years, aspects of a modern home should still be wired.  Wiring provides reliability, better performance, security, and offers a path to future technologies.  Also, a simple network cable is usually sufficient to deliver all signals in native format.

What should be wired?  We recommend that speakers, televisions, high-performance audio, streaming media devices, and surveillance cameras be wired. 

Wireless applications do have their benefits - do not require cables, are portable, and do not require traditional installation. 

What should be wireless?  Certainly, the obvious portable items such as laptops, iPhones, and iPads are wireless.  But, even things like lighting control can now be wireless due to a proprietary technology that is secure and highly reliable.  However, in all cases, these items should be secured by a professional, essentially “locked down” to avoid being hacked or compromised.

Myth #4: Value engineering a project compromises performance.

Stretching to get the most value for the dollar is a sport we all love to play.  This certainly applies to home technology.  It’s not unusual for the homeowner’s vision to be out of sync with the budget.  Although this can be discouraging, Sound & Vision can suggest creative solutions that reduce costs while still delivering the vision of the completed system.

The ability to “value engineer” a project is one hallmark of an experienced integrator.  One of the differences between a competent integrator and a real pro is the understanding that value engineering is not a random cost-cutting exercise; instead, it’s a systematic and thoughtful approach to satisfying the homeowners’ most important needs while honoring the budget, not sacrificing ease of use or functionality.

Items that can be value engineered include the design of the system as well as the products that go into it.  Sound & Vision will analyze the homeowners’ concepts, plans, and specifications and then suggest alternatives that lower costs while maintaining quality.  The goal is to support the homeowners to make informed choices.

Real value engineering is subtle.  It’s not unusual to be able to shave thousands of dollars off the budget for a custom system by making several small adjustments that only minimally impact the system’s functionality – if you know how to do it correctly!  Sound & Vision will deliver on value engineering to optimize the budget by asking the right questions in the right way, identifying patterns in the answers, and reading between the lines.  With 25 years of experience, solid business processes, and very good people, Sound & Vision can uncover priorities and propose solutions.

Outdoor TV's, Bring the Indoors Out!

Never miss the big game

It’s time to turn your outdoor space into a truly extraordinary entertainment area with the addition of an outdoor TV.   Watch the big game, favorite movie, or binge-watch your TV series!  Your new outdoor TV will be an instant hit that will delight and amaze family and friends! 

Today, outdoor TVs combine incredibly elegant designs with the most advanced technology, weatherproofing, unmatched reliability, and the sharpest, brightest picture in any lighting.  Whether the ideal location for your outdoor TV is in direct sun or shade, we have versions that are optimized for direct sunlight and others for shaded environments.

Nothing like family movie night under the stars

Reliability, safety, and durability are important for all products, but downright
critical for outdoor electronics. Rest assured, that your new outdoor TV is designed and factory-built inside and out to deliver reliable, climate-proof, superior outdoor entertainment for many fun-filled years. 

Reimagine Pool Parties 84" UHD/4K!