High-Performance Architectural Audio

With all the music in the world, just a couple taps away, we are again enjoying our favorites songs like we did back when we were kids.  The shared experience of listening to music with friends and family can definitely provide memorable moments. Recently, my daughter and I were listening to the wonderfully campy "Mr. Roboto" by the once-great Styx. She had some recollection of the song. Initially reluctant, she eventually joined me in belting out "Domo arigato, Mr. Roboto" -  we'll both remember this for years to come. 

Recently, we have seen significant innovation in in-ceiling speakers, in-wall speakers, and subwoofers in both performance and aesthetics.  These improvements are so extensive, a new name was required:  introducing Architectural Audio.  Gone are the days of accepting compromises in sound in the name of design!

Performance.  Most speakers that have limited directional capabilities only provide a simple pivoting tweeter. This design misses the majority of the all-important sound from upper-midrange through upper bass.  We have solutions that provide the ability to direct all the sound.  Deep bass, when configured properly, becomes part of the performance and is very hard to localize.

As background music, the increased dynamics and clarity allows for lower levels of seamless coverage while using fewer speakers. Then, when you do crank it up, you're transported back to the big warm sound of the giant box speakers you loved so much.

In this picture , we compare an in-ceiling speaker from a well-known manufacturer with the in-ceiling speaker we are recommending. The difference in performance is staggering as evident by the substantial difference in build quality.


Aesthetics.  Speakers are now able to blend seamlessly into environments, namely the bezel grills have been designed to disappear and are only seen upon close inspection.  Today, we are able to deliver truly stunning performance while preserving the quality of your design. Speakers are nearly invisible to completely invisible. The invisible speakers offer the ability to deliver excellent sound to areas that otherwise would be completely devoid of sound.

You may think that Architectural Audio would only be an option for someone building a new home or doing major remodeling. The truth is that it's never been easier to improve the performance of sound throughout your home. The combination of today's amplifiers, with power DSP-digital signal processing, and updated speakers offers a level of performance that is the equal and, in many cases, outperforms the best freestanding box speakers.

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