What’s In A Seat? Well… You For A Whole Movie Or More!

When it comes to really enjoying great video entertainment, a great seat is essential. After all, you want comfort and freedom in your seat to let you become immersed in what you are viewing. Suspending reality is part of the movie experience and being comfortable is essential.

We love to recommend Cinematech Seating. It is in our opinion simply the best seat in the house. Having your cake and eating it too is the best part of owning your own private home theater. Never compromise your choice of styling or look for comfort or vice versa. Chose a Cinematech seat and gain both! Their fine German craftsmen make their seats to last. They are heirloom quality!

Cinematech Valentino Home Theater Seat

CinemaTech seating is legendry for its workmanship and durability. They have delivered thousands of seats worldwide with 99.5% customer satisfaction. If there is an issue with your CinemaTech seat, CinemaTech will make sure it corrected or replaced.

Some of the most important dimensions of a correctly designed home theater are the spacing and location of the seating in the room. Depth of incline / recline, walkway room, riser depth and height, location of “Prime Seats,” and many more.

CinemaTech offers many of the popular options and features available in the marketplace. We also have the experience to help guide our clients choose the ones that are just right for them.


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