Seat Yourself In Comfort For Movies In Your Home Theater

Enjoying a movie is a favorite pastime of many of our clients. They use their home theaters for movies, concerts, televised sports, and their favorite shows. Relaxing means being completely comfortable! Here are some considerations when choosing your seat…

Build Quality

We like to use vertical manufacturers who do everything in the construction process of the seat. They have control over every portion of the build from the initial design to the finished product.

Framing – High quality seats use wooden support structure. With a strong frame, the materials applied to pad and motorize the seat will have a firm foundation.

Padding – In order to have real comfort in the seat, multiple types of padding should be used. Three layers of foam are used. Sturdy foam providing support is layered with padding providing cushion and then a finishing foam for ultimate comfort.

Finishes – A wide selection of leathers, microfibers, and fabric are available to choose from.


What Our Clients Say