Safety, Security, & Surveillance All Require Cameras With Exemplary Capability!

When we supply our clients with cameras we explore their needs very carefully. There are many cameras on the market and finding the best performance and with good value makes sense to our clients. We want them to know that the performance of our system will deliver the results they need.

Areas requiring surveillance

1 – Exterior Door Entrances

2 – Thoroughfares in the building

3 – First Floor Rooms With Windows Or Outside Access

4 – Bedroom Hallway

5 – Garage Interior

6 – Porch

7 – Grounds – Driveway – Alley

The Right Camera For The Monitoring Space

When we survey a client’s space to be monitored and interview them for their needs, we will design a system that provides ideal coverage using different cameras for the diverse needs of the areas covered. Here are some examples of the differing types of cameras and how they might fit in.

Types of housings – Surveillance cameras are typically in dome and bullet style housings. The most discreet is the dome style as it is typically placed on the ceiling. The bullet style also has room for a powerful light emitter so it can provide images in darkness. The dome style can also include emitters but typically not as powerful. Both can be fixed or have movement.

Fixed Focal – Fixed focal length cameras have a lens that is focused at a distance that typically encompasses the area it is to monitor. It can only remain focused at that specific length so the camera cannot zoom into a subject more closely narrowing its field of focus or pull back for a wider view thus widening its area of focus.

PTZ Camera

PTZ [Pan/Tilt/Zoom] – Another building block of good security and surveillance is a PTZ camera or a Pan/Tilt/Zoom camera. The term “pan” refers to the horizontal movement of the lens, “tilt” refers to the vertical movement of the lens, and “zoom” refers to the adjustment of the focal length of the lens. With a PTX camera, depending on the model, you can view 180 or 360 degrees and zoom in and out adjusting the focal area. These cameras, because of their capability, are in high demand for surveillance where there is a camera operator on site. They can be used to further monitor and view secured areas.

Day/Night Vision – A day/night camera is designed to perform in both indoor and outdoor conditions and particularly in low-light. These cameras have IR illuminators and an IR filter that detects decreasing light levels and lifts for monitoring in low-light conditions. These are very popular for outdoor areas around the perimeter of a building where not all areas will have sufficient lighting.

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Wide Dynamic Cameras = Wide Dynamic cameras are typically used where lighting conditions make it difficult to get a proper contrast to the image. For instance, a person’s face maybe back lighted and appear as a shadow. This type of camera adjusts light level pixel by pixel and makes the dark area visible. These are ideal for parking areas or driveways where lighting may be off.

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Color – Color cameras add an additional layer of clarity and detail to an image when the lighting or illumination system can reveal more information. They are available with up to 4K image quality and with zoom, they can provide outstanding clarity in the complete absence of white light. These are particularly useful when artificial intelligence features are included. It makes identifying facial and other features easy and works with software to allow more automated features to be employed.

Thermal Camera

Thermal Camera – Thermal imaging uses the heat of an object to make an object discernable in dark conditions and even in cloudy/smoky conditions. These can be useful where it is difficult to gain a lighted subject. They can provide images to a distance of 240 feet! They can also be in a dome configuration and in a PTZ design as well. These are most flexible when lighting doesn’t meet standard illumination possibilities.

There are more and other refinements of camera types. Your TEAM at Sound & Vision has experience with a large number of cameras and associated software. Their engineers can gain you the safety, surveillance, and security you need for your home or business.


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