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TIP #1

Guards Against the Elements

Guards Against the Elements

An outdoor television can add another dimension to your backyard or patio entertaining. But don’t try to use a regular indoor television outside. Regular televisions are no match for the great outdoors even if the television is sheltered by a patio roof.

High-quality outdoor televisions are sealed against moisture and humidity, and include built-in heating and cooling systems that allow them to operate flawlessly in extreme temperatures.

TIP #2

One way to make the most of your outdoor viewing is to place your television in the best location. If possible, pick a spot that is protected from the elements and doesn’t get a lot of direct sunlight. If that’s not possible, try to place your television with the screen facing north, so the sun is always behind it. That should ensure optimal daytime viewing.


TIP #3

Proper mounting is important. Just like the television, an outdoor television mount should be designed and rated for outside use. A regular mount meant for inside use can quickly rust when exposed to the elements. Plus, sturdy outdoor mounts are made to handle the weight of outdoor displays, which are typically heavier than regular flat-screen televisions.

Consider getting full-motion mount. This provides a wider viewing range than a fixed mount. It means your audience won’t be limited to one viewing area, and you’ll be able to tilt/swivel the television toward the patio, pool, fire pit, or wherever folks are gathering.

TIP #4


Audio and video sources should be located inside the house or another weather protected space near the television, like a garage or pool house. You’ll want to feed digital signals to your outdoor television, and there are a handful of HDMI systems that can send full 4K UHD signals.

TIP #5

Try to plan your outdoor television installation in advance. Make sure you have power where you need it. And make sure you can connect all your sources, and that you’re using cables that are rated for outdoor use.

TIP #6

Expertise counts. Outdoor installations can have a unique set of challenges. Make sure you contact an integrator that has the expertise & knowledge to make sure your project is not an experiment.

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