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A well-designed Home Theater brings commercial theater performance to your home. With the convenience of watching entertainment in your private theater, you can enjoy the full benefits of a movie or a show without leaving your home. You can pause the performance, get a refreshment, and restart just where you left off, and never miss a moment!

A Recent Sound & Vision designed and built home theater.

For more than 30 years, Sound & Vision, in Burr Ridge IL, has been designing and delivering Home Theaters for their clients. Owner, Eric Schmidt tells the story of his first home theater installation for a client.

““I’ll never forget the day we finished one of our first installations. The family was gathered for us to introduce them to their new system. I started off with the opening scene of one of their favorite movies. After the scene had finished, I was initially worried by the completely stunned look on their faces that possibly something was wrong. Then the client said, “This is spectacular! I can’t believe this is in my house!”

I had been prepared for them to comment on how great the picture looked or how incredible the sound was. But in truth, they had completely forgotten about all of the technology surrounding them and were simply lost in the experience.” ”

— Eric Schmidt

Comfortable Seating And Interior Are All Carefully Considered.

The process of bringing a Home Theater to our clients is a well honed path. We know the design, acoustics, equipment, the installation requirements, and the programming. Most importantly, we want to learn about our client.

We start by meeting with out client and see the physical space they are planning. We discuss their needs including their style, look and feel, entertainment likes, who will be using their theater, their expectations in performance of the theater, and strive to make sure we understand exactly what they need. At this point, we also discuss seating options, acoustic panels, and star field ceilings.

3D Rendering of a Theater in Progress.

Our next task is to design the ideal Home Theater for our client. We determine the layout and always try to use any existing structure. We plan the equipment needs and design an ideal solution given our clients expectations. Then we bring the estimates of this solution to our client for review, revisions, and approval.

Then we begin the work on the theater. All of the products to build and install the theater are ordered. Any modifications to the physical space are put into play including physical space modifications, electrical, and perhaps HVAC. The entire theater is designed on paper and then built up in our engineering lab to make certain it will perform as expected.

Movie Night!

Finally, everything comes together with the delivery and installation of the gear, seating, interior and programming. Then, at last, it is MOVIE NIGHT!

Contact the experts at Sound & Vision can work with you to design & build the theater of your dreams!

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