Home Theater Final Touches That Are Essential

Two categories of final touches come to mind. Most rooms are not acoustically perfect, it fact they may be quite far from it. Room Treatments are a potentially large benefit for a home theater from an acoustical improvement as well as a visual cosmetic addition.

Sound & Vision Designed Home Theater With Room Acoustic Treatment & Fiber Optic Star Ceiling

There are two basic considerations in room treatments. First, eliminating or minimizing reflections of sound that interfere with the sound intended to reach you seat. This sound can be effectively absorbed and provide a clear path for your sound.

Second, diffusing sound that we want in the room but not directly reflected to your seat. Think of this as controlling sound in the way that a lamp shade controls light. Instead of the glare of the light bulb, the shade softly disperses the light into your room. The sound diffusion is much the same. The treatment looks the same in terms of a panel system on the walls or ceiling but it has multiple diffusing surfaces behind it that spread the sound out into the room.

Most acoustic treatments are available as wall finishing systems that can include traditional options like columns and architectural interest items and even can contain theater lighting.

Check out the video of a Sound & Vision Designed Theater with shooting stars!

Fiber optic ceilings are another option that many home theaters include. Typically theater rooms have a black painted ceiling. This option turns the typical ceiling into a star filled night sky. Its soft light illuminates the seats without interfering with the image quality. Many times we can also use this to add additional acoustic treatments if needed in this same space,

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