At Sound & Vision, we’ve been designing and installing high-performance home theaters for our customers for decades.

Gorgeous entrance of a recent Sound & Vision design build home theater project. Click for larger image

For modern movie lovers, nothing stirs the soul like the impact of an earth-shaking sound effect or the enveloping warmth of a lushly orchestrated soundtrack. Create the ultimate private Home Theater. Sound & Vision provides complete home theaters mostly in and around the Chicago area but occasionally around the world as well. Whatever your needs Sound & Vision knows how to deliver the theater experience to your home.

Check out the cool new home theater we just finished. Complete with a star ceiling with shooting stars!

Products & Services offerings
•Concepts, Space planning, and Design
•Sound Isolation and in Room Acoustics
•Decorative Elements-Seating, Acoustical Fabric Sounds Panels, Columns
•Lighting Control-Decorative Fixtures & Sconces, Control & Automation, LED & Fiber Optic Ceilings
•High-Performance Electronics-We continually keep our eyes and ears open for the best of the best home theater and audiophile audio components. See a sample of our manufacturer partners here.
•Project Management
•Home Theater Automation and Integrated Control-With a single touch of the controller the lights dim, the shades close, the screen opens, the temperature adjusts, the AV components turn on, the inputs are selected, the volume is set and the movie begins to play your movie. Sound & Vision puts you in complete control right from your comfortable theater seat.