Dolby Atmos Home Theater Sound Dramatically Improved By Room Correction

Dolby Atmos is a huge improvement over earlier formats. Instead of having five or seven speakers to move the sound between to create movement and placement, Dolby Atmos uses added technology that enables placement of sound not only horizontally but vertically in your room. If we can imagine having a spatial joy stick that when the engineers are creating the soundtrack, each sound can move up/down – left/right – front/back placing the sound exactly where the engineers want it. Net result, very realistic sound!

The key to having all of this work perfectly would be to have exactly the same movie sound system and room size as the sound engineers that made the movie track. This of course is impossible. Every room is different in multiple ways – your room is different than ours! Room dimensions physically interact with the sound and some sound ranges can be emphasized or reduced depending on the differences in room geometry that cause reductions or reinforcement of ranges of sound. As a result of more powerful digital signal processing becoming possible today, an electronic adjustment to your room can be put into place and your room can duplicate the sound of the movie soundstage allowing you to hear what they intended with great precision. Unfortunately not every manufacturer implements this level of performance but thankfully there are some who do.

Anthem Audio Video

Anthem Audio Video has developed a software/circuitry solution they call Anthem Room Correction or ARC. Their latest version, ARC Genesis, uses special Digital Signal Processing circuitry built into their products along with an included calibrated microphone and professional stand with their preamplifier processors and receivers, and their software installed in our installation team’s computer. The microphone is placed in multiple locations in the room while connected to the computer which is transmitting test signals to your speakers through the electronics. Sounds complicated already – right – do not worry – we can do this for you and are experts at it. Then the measurements taken are crunched in the software and the correction to fix your room is sent to the Anthem electronics driving your theater, and the result is a nearly perfect room for Dolby Atmos to deliver your soundtracks and music in!

Anthem Room Correction Looking At One Speaker = Before & After

Not only does Anthem ARC Genesis correct irregularities in your speaker’s response, but it also preserves the beneficial acoustic attributes of your room—attributes based on proven psychoacoustic science (the study of how humans hear and experience sound). This being said, your room can sound even better with some acoustical treatment to help control acoustical problems.

Anthem AVM 90 Preamplifier Processor

There are two models of Preamplifier Processors from Anthem that both offer Anthem ARC. The best-in-class model is the the AVM90. The AVM 90 Processor can manage speaker configurations up to 15 speakers and 4 individual subwoofers with ARC Genesis Room Correction ensuring the best possible sound at every seat. With video changing and improving constantly, the AVM 90 has the latest 8K video. It offers 7 dedicated 8K inputs that support 8K pass-through and 3 dedicated outputs with a feature called eARC, and with this in place your home theater viewers can enjoy 8K quality video from all of your 8K source devices in amazing clarity. The AVM90 also has the best possible circuitry with hand-chosen component parts assuring the best sound quality. Every circuit is designed with parts and circuits that lower any possible noise to the absolute limits of testing.

Anthem AVM70 Preamplifier / Processor

A downsized version is also available if we need to reduce the budget on the preamp processor. The Anthem AVM 70 is is a slightly lesser model with all of the basic audio and video features of the AVM90. It has the ability to manage 15 speakers plus 2 individual subwoofer outputs. It also deploys the full Anthem ARC Genesis room correction.

Anthem MCA525 GEN2 – a five channel amplifier.

To bring either of the processors to life, amplifier channels need to be added. Anthem makes a variety of amplifiers in various numbers of channels per chassis. When we evaluate your channel needs for your speakers, we can mix and match to derive the ideal performance. We can design your electronics so that all of the products will power up and off with a single command sent to your AVM90 or AVM70 – in other words a single button push!

For a more compact solution that works to be very close in performance, Anthem AV has designed 3 receiver models. They are 11 channels, 7 channels and 5 channels in size. The largest supports 11 discreet channels of audio and 2 discreet subwoofers. The 7 and 5 channel models support a single subwoofer channel. The top receiver model is the MRX1140. It offers up to 140 watts per

Anthem AV MRX1140 Receiver

channel allowing great power for most home theaters. When ARC Genesis is calibrated, our installation team can create ideal performance from 2 subwoofers. The MRX 740 has 7 channel capability with up to 140 watt power output and manages a single subwoofer channel. The MRX 540 has 5 channels with up to 100 watts per channel of output.


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