Operate Your Smart Home By Speaking To It!

Imagine using natural language commands, as though you are talking to a friend, to turn off lights, open drapes, put on the Rolling Stones…

Enter Josh.ai! Josh is a voice-controlled home automation system designed to orchestrate the technology in all aspects of your home to deliver an exciting and effortless living experience. Like Siri , Alexa or Google, Josh is designed to support natural language voice commands. But, unlike the voice-controlled systems, Josh is private and secure.

The “Internet Of Things” we have in our homes is constantly growing from your thermostat to your lighting and entertainment devices. Each of these that are network connected have an APP that controls them. You ability to reach them and control them varies and is sometimes frustrating. With Joah.ai, all of these devices come under your voice command as well as under the Josh.ai APP.

You maybe thinking, if i have an APP for each one, why have voice control? One of the challenges to building a fully automated house, particularly one that grows and evolves over time, is the ability to program with ease. In theory it’s great if your sprinklers turn off when it rains, or if the lights go on at sunset, but these actions today take a skilled programmer many hours to assemble. Compare that to asking a friend to turn off the lights or put on the Coldplay station. Now imagine if that friend had a perfect memory, was reliable, didn’t mind multitasking, and only needed to be asked once. In essence, that’s the promise of voice. Using natural language commands as though talking to a friend, Josh can be taught with ease. Even complicated queries can be effortlessly programmed, such as, “At sunrise if I’m home slowly fade the bedroom lights on, open the drapes, turn on the radio, and brew a pot of coffee.” At Josh.ai, they believe programming should be as natural as chatting with a friend, and this capability is essential to a truly connected house.

The end goal of Josh.ai in your home is to make it easy and fun to connect to any device, from any device. Josh is a conversational agent aware of your surroundings with an effort to make predictive suggestions. Josh is a voice-based OS that seamlessly connects to your smartphone, smartwatch, and other connected gadgets in order to be always ready and always aware. The result will be decreased cognitive load, providing for more time to be with the people you care about and spend time doing the things you love. The Josh.ai goal is to make it the personal assistant you never knew you needed. Keep your life simple and easy!


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