Take Control of Your Internet

With a new Sound & Vision network, featuring OvrC Home parental controls, you can manage Wi-Fi access right from your phone or mobile device.

Wi-Fi Management

With Wi-Fi access management, you can easily manage your home’s wireless devices. Easy-to-setup user profiles allow you to schedule and restrict Wi-Fi access as you see fit. Limit child Internet access during dinner time, bed time, or any time.

Edit & Pause Profiles

Content Filtering

This feature gives you the ability to filter out and block select URLs from being accessed. You’re able to select one of four levels that range from just blocking malicious URLs all the way up to very stringent filters.

Fix Issues With The Touch Of A Button

When it’s late at night, early in the morning, or when it’s not convenient to call us, use OvrC Home personalized for you, to resolve many common issues.


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