Save BIG on Audio, Video and More for the Great Outdoors!

All Outdoor Audio, Video & More is On Sale!Contact us today for more information or to schedule a design review at your home or office (630) 242-4600,

All Outdoor Audio, Video & More is On Sale!

Contact us today for more information or to schedule a design review at your home or office (630) 242-4600,

Outdoor entertainment systems are popular, and very practical. They’re used frequently and bring a lot of ROI in terms of enjoyment.

Outdoor is the new favorite place for entertaining, relaxing and enjoying friends and family. But what happens when you bring all your party guests over for some grilling, swimming and chillin, but the cool AV gear is all in the house? Well I’m glad you asked. Sound & Vision has been designing and installing outdoor entertainment systems before there was even a term. Today the possibilities are endless.


Outdoor Audio

Our experience has shown,  time and time again,  that having easy access to high quality music guarantees that the entire family will spend more time outdoors.  New and exciting options allow us to provide even coverage of music that flows effortlessly no matter the size of the space.


We’re excited to announce that we now have the ability to demonstrate our incredible outdoor audio system at your home. In about the time it takes to watch your favorite TV show you can hear exactly how the system will sound.

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Outdoor Video

Today, outdoor TVs combine incredibly elegant designs with the most advanced technology, weatherproofing, unmatched reliability, and the sharpest, brightest picture in any lighting.

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Outdoor Wi-Fi

Our rock solid network solutions provide reliable and lightning-fast speeds anywhere, indoor or out.

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Now This is Cool!

Introducing Solo, a new motorized Zero Edge screen that is completely wire-free, can be carried in the palm of your hand, and mounted nearly anywhere. Perfect for the ultimate outdoor theater. Available at Sound & Vision!

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