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The New Strato S

The New Strato S

The new Strato S movie player, the most advanced, compact player with internal storage that the company has ever produced. Strato S ships with kOS 10.3 system software, which integrates the Kaleidescape Movie Store into the onscreen display to offer the best user interface for selecting, purchasing, and playing movies.

The new player’s machined-aluminum enclosure, clean gloss-black bezel, and gold-plated connectors are of the same high quality and finish as Strato, Strato C, and Terra, and reflect the luxury market position these products occupy. Strato S saves rack space with its efficient single-rack-unit design, and the larger 12TB storage capacity supports an impressive 180 true 4K HDR movies with lossless audio (or 320 bit-for-bit Blu-ray-quality titles).

For customers who watch movies on streaming services, Strato S presents an opportunity to upgrade their viewing experience. Kaleidescape is the only way to experience an Internet-delivered motion picture in true 4K Ultra HD and lossless surround sound that match the capabilities of a modern home cinema. The Kaleidescape Movie Store offers the world’s largest selection of pristine 4K titles, with the greatest films from all major Hollywood studios, as well as compelling titles from many boutique studios.

For your clients who have a Premiere system, a Cinema One, or an Alto movie player, Strato S is a perfect opportunity to help them enjoy the benefits of the latest audio and video technologies. Kaleidescape is now offering special incentives for our valued customers to migrate to our flagship products, and you can also take advantage of the new factory download service for content purchased from the Kaleidescape Movie Store.

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