New construction or remodeling project?  Here are our top technology tips!

Careful planning from the beginning of the design process produces excellent results. 

Download our Home Technology Guide

Download our Home Technology Guide

Choose wisely. There are quite a few decisions to be made when building a new home or undergoing a renovation. A quality integrator with experience and a history of excellence will provide guidance for all your technology decisions.  It is important to hire the best.

A cohesive design of the entire system ensures that expectations are achieved and the entire process progresses smoothly.  Also, there are some decisions that must be finalized at the start of the process.  For instance, consolidating a bank of lighting switches down to one intuitive keypad requires early coordination with the architect, contractor, and electrician.   However, having a plan does not mean every selection needs to be finalized on day one.  Some selections can be deferred to later in the project.  As an example, you determine the layout of your master bathroom during the design phase but can select finishes and particulars at a later time. More


Your Wi-fi network should not be an after-thought.  A well-designed, fast, reliable Wi-fi network is an important part of your home’s infrastructure and will provide the solid backbone every home needs. More

Plan ahead for in-ceiling/wall speakers and in-wall touchpanels.  Speakers are now able to blend seamlessly into any design and deliver truly stunning performance.  At the design stage, you only need to determine locations.   We can provide pre-construction rings and, even, grills to allow construction to continue while final selections are made.  The same applies to in-wall touchpanels.  We recommend installing at least one in-wall touchpanel per floor to ensure quick access to home control.  iPads and iPhones definitely compliment the dedicated touchpanels & remotes but should not be relied upon for primary control. More

Don't forget to check out our Outdoor Entertainment systems.  

Don’t forget to check out our Outdoor Entertainment systems.


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