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For a limited time, we’ll take anything in on trade towards the purchase of anything new! That’s right anything! Now is the time to upgrade to the latest and greatest technology.
This offer absolutely ends Oct. 31st

How? Simply respond to this email, contact us, we’ll look up your current system or meet you at your home or office and review the possible options. Then our team will put together a design for your review. Commit before October 31st @ 5:00 p.m. and you are in!

Below are a few examples of the countless possibilities. Click on any of the images for more information.

4K UHD from Sony 4x the resolution of HD with stunning color

65″, 75″ and 100″ 4K UHD TV’s
See stars in the sky at night in new detail. Backlight Master Drive technology now delivers deeper blacks and brighter lights.
Micro bezel frames mean you can get a much bigger picture in the same space as your old TV.

Home theater hits the big time.
See how our premium SXRD projectors are taking the home viewing experience to new levels.
More affordable than ever, starting at just under $10,000


The same 5 CD’s to all the music in the world.

Additionally, save up to 25% on our most popular outdoor audio packages.Systems starting at under $2,000!! 

Additionally, save up to 25% on our most popular outdoor audio packages.
Systems starting at under $2,000!!


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