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HD Lossless Audio

Everyone knows that Bluray offers an amazing picture. What many people overlook is the even better audi0. The difference between Dolby Digital and Dolby Digital True HD is nearly 40 times better!!  Click on the chart for some comparisons:



So what do you need to take advantage of this amazing performance? A Bluray player a Surround Sound processor with the support for these lossless formats and a capable speaker system.

Have a system that does not support Lossless Audio? Ask us about our exclusive trade-in & trade-up program ReUse.

Click through to see our favorite products from Classe, B&W, Genelec, Anthem, Integra, JL Audio and more  that take full advantage of this amazing advancement in sound.

Below is a selection of what we feel is the best of the best. If you want to experience any of these fabulous products live and in person all are currently on display in our Design & Experience Center in Willowbrook IL. Contact us today to schedule a personal demonstration

Classe Audio SSP-800/CT-SSP Surround Sound Preamp/Processor

          The absolute best preamp-more information

 Classe Audio CT-M600/CA-M600 600w Monaural Amplifiers

 The absolute best amplifier-more information

Bowers & Wilkins CT-Series Speakers

The absolute best home theater or media room speakers-more information

JL Audio Gotham Subwoofers

The absolute best subwoofer-more information

Add a DPI Titan Reference 3D projector on a 2.35:1 Screen and you have the best theater certainly in the Chicgoland area.

The absolute best projector-more information

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